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Find YKBG Timetable on Google Calendar to keep up-to-date with our schedule.
It usually gets updated  by the beginning of each week.

Yuka Kodama Ballet Group Timetable

Monday (online only)

5.15-6.00pm: Mechanisms of Ballet
6.00-7.30pm: Lower Intermediate


5.00-6.45pm: Beginners/Returners
7.00-9.00pm: Advanced


10.00am-12.00noon: Essential Classical Ballet Technique

6.00-7.00pm: Tone & Flex at Home (online only)


5.30-7.30pm: Essential Classical Ballet Technique


6.30-8.30pm: Essential Classical Ballet Technique


11.30am-1.15pm: Beginners/Returners
1.30-3.30pm: Intermediate
3.30-4.00pm: Boys Technique/Advanced Allegro
4.00-4.30pm: Elementary Pointe Work

* Time for Thursday may change soon

Class Description

Beginners/Returners:    This classes are designed for both complete beginners and returners to ballet after a break. We will go through all the basics from body alignment and positions of feet and arms to relatively simple combinations. In order to keep up the exercise levels, we go through a fair few things and from the very first class dancers can experience and try technique that is used on stage.

Lower Intermediate:    This class requires some basic knowledge of ballet. As well as continuing to learn technical skills, dancers will learn how to string movements together into a slightly more complicated routines.

Intermediate:    This class requires a fairly good basic knowledge in classical ballet. While keep working on more technical skills, we will explore more complicated combinations and build up strength.

Advanced: Dancers need a very good understanding of ballet technique for this class.  We explore complicated routines that are directly connected to classical repertoire and polish technical sides as well. 

Essential Classical Ballet Technique:    Dancers have chances to explore things in more depth and enhance their understanding of the art or ballet. In Friday classes, dancers with experience in pointe work are welcome to take the class with pointe shoes on. They can take them off at any time during the class and continue with soft shoes. The Friday class is also a good for those who would like to do pointe work in the future as we work a lot on strengthening ankles and feet.


Tone and Flex : This class concentrates on techniques for engaging and conditioning certain muscles to strengthen technique and enhance flexibility and at the same time reduce the risk of dance-related injury.  As well as assisting development of dancing technique this training will improve both body shape and artistry of movement.  This is a separate class and is particularly useful when combined with other ballet classes, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

Boys' Technique:    We will explore more grand pirouettes and big jumps. This class is suitable not only for boys, but also for girls who would like to strengthen their technique and generally put in a little bit of extra work.

Elementary Pointe Work:    We will explore pointe work more slowly and thoroughly. This is a perfect class both for those who are starting pointe work, and for those who would like to put  a little extra pointe work in their weekly sessions.    

Pas de deux:    Dancers need Yuka's approval to join these classes. Ladies need strong pointe work and both ladies and gentlemen need good understanding of the classical ballet technique. Dancers will explore partnering technique from very basic to very high standard that are used both in classical repertoire and more modern works.

Check "Class Announcement" page for any irregular schedules such as special workshop, time changes and cancellations.

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1st Floor Hall, Jericho Community Centre
33a Canal Street, Oxford

In order to participate in Pas de deux classes, ladies need fairly strong pointe work.  If you are interested, please talk to Yuka in advance


 Any change in timetable will be emailed and posted on our Facebook page.


Classes cost £8-50 (£7-50 for students) per session.  Ten classes paid for in advance will get you an additional class for free (does not apply to Pilates).

If you do any two classes together on Tuesday or Saturday, the second class will be half price. Tone & Flex is £4-50 on its own or £2 if you do it with one of the ballet classes on Tuesday.

Jericho Community Centre