Committee Members

President: Rebecca O'Sullivan

Rebecca is a DPhil student at the School of Archaeology.  She started learning ballet recently but has moved around various adult ballet classes until she fell into Yuka’s hands! She claims she is possessed of two left feet and the grace of a killer whale, but Yuka thinks that killer whales are actually very graceful creatures… When asked of her other interests, Rebecca simply said, “Mmmm, hobnobs” and smiled beautifully but said nothing more. Yuka wonders if she might actually be a spy! Which would explain why she speaks so many unusual languages fluently! 



Secretary: Jennifer Appleby

Jenny  is 20 years old, and a second year student in medicine at Wadham College, Oxford.  She started learning ballet at the age of 3, but stopped before college and started again this year. She has a black belt in Taekwando, so one should take care not to cross her path!


Treasurer: Maarten-Pieter Moolenburgh

Maarten-Pieter from the Netherlands is a second year classics student at Oxford. He started learning ballet when he moved to Oxford, and took part in YKBG show with just weeks of rehearsals time. He loves Plato, writes poetry and enjoys going on holiday to Italy. 

IT Officer: Mathilde Guillaumin

Mathilde is from France, and is a 2nd year DPhil student in neuroscience at Christ Church. She started learning ballet when she was 9 years old, but stopped for a while until she came to Oxford in 2014. She is a great fan of cooking and started taking an evening course on nutrition out of curiosity. She loves travelling but wishes she had more time to go off and see the world.